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Resources for practicing French: the best way to learn French

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Taking French courses is important, but practicing French on a daily basis is PRIMORITY! Don't expect a few hours with your teacher to work miracles: you won't master French just by taking lessons. It would be like working out once a week with a coach and hoping to run a marathon a few months later... It's physically impossible! It's the same with languages. It takes several years to learn your mother tongue, so why should a few months be enough to become fluent in a foreign language? The best way to learn French and progress is to practice every day: watching films or TV series, listening to music, reading, speaking with a language partner... So here are a few resources to help you have fun practicing French every day!

The podcast La Chronique: the podcast on France and the French

Manon from the French school French Coffee Break records the podcast La Chronique

French Coffee Break launches its podcast La Chronique 🤩🤩

La Chronique is the podcast on France and the French, to progress in French! 🇬🇧

Short episodes, useful vocabulary and information about France to improve your listening skills 👂and (re)discover cultural references 🔥

Are you a beginner? No problem ! If it's too difficult to understand, you will have free access to the transcriptions of the episodes ☑️

So we meet every Friday for a new episode of La Chronique! In the meantime, subscribe to the podcast (available on Spotify and on YouTube) so you don't miss a thing!

France Channel: the "Netflix" in French

Learn French while having fun with France Channel, the first streaming platform in French! (At the moment only available in the United States 🇺🇸)

Films, series, documentaries, news, cooking shows, cartoons… content for all tastes 100% in French, and with subtitles!

Overview of the France Channel site, the first streaming platform in French

Bien Dire: a magazine adapted for French students

Bien Dire is a quarterly magazine in French, created by French teachers for French students. Typically the product I wish I had when I was learning Portuguese 😍

Bien Dire Magazine en français pour apprendre le français

Bien Dire in a few words:

📌 articles on French culture and current affairs with vocabulary and help to understand everything

📌 audios: the articles are read by native speakers

📌 exercises written by French teachers to practice

📌 You choose your level and you receive a suitable magazine

📌 6 magazines per year from 69€ only (sent to your home in paper or digital version) and I also offer you a 20% discount on the whole site with the code FCB22.

Read an excerpt here:

extrait du magazine bien dire le magazine en français pour apprendre le français

Get 20% off on all site subscriptions with the code FCB22!

The best way to learn French is to practice everyday, so I hope these resources will help you!

What do you do on a daily basis to make progress? 🇫🇷

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