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Prepare DELF and DALF exams

Certifications that open doors worldwide 

DELF, DALF: what is it?

DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française, levels A1 to B2) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française, levels C1 and C2) are diplomas in French as a foreign language, enabling non-native speakers to validate and certify their level in French. 

They are valid for life, enabling you to work, study or emigrate to a French-speaking country. 

The structure of the exam is the same for all levels, but the content and difficulty naturally vary according to the level you have chosen.


The 4 DELF and DALF examinations


You listen to several audio recordings (duration depends on exam level) and answer questions on these audio documents.


You write a document on a given theme. Beginners: fill in a form, write a postcard... Advanced levels: a formal letter, an essay...


You read several written documents (length and difficulty vary according to exam level) and answer questions on the texts.


This is the only individual test. Face to face with an examiner, you answer a variety of questions after a period of preparation.

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How we help you:

Good preparation is essential to successfully pass the DELF or DALF. Practice under exam conditions, alone with the teacher. Guaranteed results!


The DELF and DALF exams are demanding and highly specific. We start by looking at the structure of the exam according to your level, so that you understand what is expected of you on exam day.


Practice makes perfect. Step by step, you'll learn how each test works, and the marking grid that the examiners will use to assess you. You'll also have plenty of material to practice with between classes.

Putting into practice

With the help of authentic DELF or DALF exams, you'll be put in real-life conditions to complete the 4 tests in the allotted time. Receive the corrections and invaluable advice you need to pass the exam! 💪🏻

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All DELF and DALF preparation courses are individual courses.

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