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Immeuble haussmannien Paris

Learn differently

I was born and raised in France. I love France, its culture, its language, its cuisine... So it was only natural that I turned to teaching French. 


Learning a language is a long and demanding process, which requires a lot of motivation and personal investment. I know this because I learned two foreign languages myself: I speak English and Portuguese. 


I created French Coffee Break with the desire to revolutionize French teaching: a language course does not have to be boring! A modern approach, topical subjects, lessons focused on conversation... Time flies and you progress with each lesson. 

Since its creation in 2020, French Coffee Break has helped more than 1000 students acquire basic knowledge, develop new skills and have more self-confidence throughout their learning journey.


We offer private lesson or small group courses to help students of all levels (A1 to C1/C2). All courses are online. 


Immersion & self-confidence

Most of people think that learning a language is boring, but with the right support it becomes a fun adventure

With French Coffee Break, you have access to dynamic classes, created from a modern approach, mostly focused on your needs

Our goal nº1: to make you feel confident as soon as possible so you can speak French very quickly!

How? All the lessons are taught in French since day 1 for a fully immersive experience with a native teacher. 

French Coffee Break, c'est...

French Coffee Break cours de français en ligne
"I love taking classes with Manon! She is very knowledgeable and patient. I have been taking private lessons for about 4 months, once or twice a week. We work mostly on improving my conversational skills, but anytime I have a question about grammar or pronunciation, she can quickly give me a few key tips to try and remember it in the future. When we work on more structured lessons, to focus on a particular skill, her material is always very interesting and engaging. I am so glad I found her, and would highly recommend her classes to anyone!”

Marcella, USA

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