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Boost your French!

La Chronique is French Coffee Break's podcast to progress in French! ​

Every week, I take you to France to discover its culture, the habits of the French and the French way of life!

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Why La Chronique ?

Practice is the key to learning a foreign language. Taking lessons is important. But practice, use, apply French between lessons, it's even better !

That's why French Coffee Break created La Chronique: short episodes, on various themes to improve listening comprehension, learn vocabulary and (re)discover French cultural references!

Ideal for intermediate and advanced levels (A2 and +).

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(feminine noun)

Newspaper or magazine article, radio or television broadcast, produced regularly and devoted to information, comments on a specific subject.

(Dictionary Le Robert)

You're a beginner? Find all the transcripts for free

If the episodes are too difficult for you to understand, you can access the transcript for each episode. It is very useful for learning and understanding new vocabulary, but also for gradually accustoming your ear to hearing authentic French, pronounced like the French. And of course, it's free!

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