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10 podcasts to improve your French

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Regular practice of French is the key to progress!

You can practice French by watching movies, reading (discover our selection of 10 books in French) but also by listening to French!

If this last option appeals to you, I suggest 10 French podcasts to listen to anywhere and anytime

1. Mourir moins con

Theme: General knowledge

Episode Length: 2-3 minutes

2. Au cœur de l'histoire

Theme: History

Episode Length:15-16 minutes

3. Le short

Theme: News

Episode Length: 5 minutes

4. Affaires sensibles

Theme: Crime, miscellaneous news

Episode Length: 55 minutes

5. Les pieds sur Terre

Theme: Reports

Episode Length: 30 minutes

6. Je t'emmène en voyage

Theme: Travel

Episode Length: 45-60 minutes

7. La petite voix

Theme: Personal development

Episode Length: 15 minutes

8. Le board

Theme: Entrepreneurship

Episode Length: 10-20 minutes

9. Le moment Meurice

Theme: Humor

Episode Length: 5 minutes

10. On va déguster

Theme: Gastronomy

Episode Length: 5 minutes

Bonus: La Chronique 🇫🇷

La Chronique is French Coffee Break's podcast for improving your French: I tell you anecdotes about France and the French, speaking slowly so that all levels can understand and learn new vocabulary!

Transcripts of all episodes are available free of charge here 🎧

Do you have any other suggestions? Please leave us a comment!

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