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25 Christmas gift ideas for French lovers

Christmas is fast approaching. If you are short of inspiration when choosing your gifts, here are some gift ideas that should delight your Francophile loved ones!

Christmas tree and gifts in front of a fireplace


1. A marinière

What better way to look like a French person than to wear a sailor top? Armor Lux is one of the most famous brands.

2. Clothes in the "French" style

Sézane, Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, Polène, Jonak, La Fée Maraboutée, Suncoo... All these French brands deliver to many countries around the world and you should find what you are looking for there to please someone close fashionista.

3. A French slip

The brand "Le Slip Français" sells briefs, but not only: underwear for men and women, socks, pajamas... All 100% made in France!

4. A cashmere scarf

Or a sweater, or any cashmere garment... Eric Bompard is a reference in this field.

5. A jewel

If your budget allows it, why not offer a pretty piece of jewelry?

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings... You should find what you're looking for at brands like Gigi Clozeau or Têtes Blondes. And for an even more special gift, Gemmyo also offers elegant made in France jewelry, I love their collections! 😍

6. A handbag (or other leather object)

If like me, you think that you can never have too many handbags but you don't have several thousand euros/dollars to spend, here are some suggestions for French leather goods brands that should please you:

  • Nat & Nin

  • Gérard Darel

  • Lancel

  • Longchamp

  • Vanessa Bruno

  • Lancaster


There is no shortage of French cosmetics and perfumery brands. I'll give you some ideas:

7. A manicure kit

Manucurist offers kits for installing (and removing ) easily apply your semi-permanent varnish at home! Eco-responsible products that are not harmful to your health, beautiful colors, very pretty packaging... No more excuses for not taking care of yourself!

manucurist vernis semi permanent à la maison

8. Makeup

A beautiful Chanel lipstick, a Guerlain mascara, a Lancôme foundation... You can't go wrong with such good products!

9. Perfume

Cartier, Hermès, Chanel, Guerlain, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent... You will find what you are looking for in any perfume store with these major brands.

If you're looking for a lesser-known brand for a more original gift, head to smaller perfumers like Bienaimer or L'Artisan Perfumer.


10. A board game in French

There are board games for all ages and tastes. So why not offer a game in French? An idea to combine business with pleasure! Here is a small selection of the most famous board games created by French speakers:

  • 7 Wonders

  • Kingdomino

  • Dixit

  • Smallworld

  • Citadels

  • Trivial Pursuit (for the more expert among you!)

  • For children and families: the Nain Jaune, the Mille Bornes, the 4 Valleys...

11. A workshop in French

To practice French, why not book a French course or workshop? No matter where you live, you have the possibility to follow events online, take advantage of it to offer a great activity to a loved one. A cooking class,

If you are in France, treat yourself to a vineyard visit followed by a wine tasting. You can also learn how to create your own perfume or visit a iconic monument in your region.

12. French lessons

Do you have a Francophile friend? Does a member of your family want to learn French? Offer him French lessons!

With a gift card in the amount of your choice, you are sure not to make a mistake!

13. A cookbook

Does one of your loved ones love France and cuisine? A cookbook in French will please him!

  • We are going to taste France : François-Régis Gaudry is a famous French food critic (he even has his chronicle on France Inter radio). Discover his culinary bible which presents in detail the secrets of French cuisine.

  • Thank you Mamie for the recipes: the traditional recipes of our grandmothers

  • The Amateur Cook's Manual

  • Homemade (by the famous chef Cyril Lignac)

14. A game of pétanque

Pétanque is a game of bowls originating from the south of France but very popular throughout the country. It's THE summer sport, the French play it everywhere, often with a small glass of rosé or pastis (an aniseed alcohol very popular in France as well)! An original gift idea!

Petanque game


15. A bottle of wine

Who says France, says wine, right?

16. A bottle of champagne

Or even a magnum to impress your loved ones!

17. Chocolate

Switzerland is renowned for its quality chocolates (Lindt, Callebaut, Toblerone...) but it is also possible to find French chocolatiers such as De Neuville, Weiss, Valrhona or Poulain.

18. Macaroons

Pierre Hermé is THE French macaron master. He is known all over the world and was even voted best pastry chef in the world in 2022. So why not offer a sweet treat to a loved one with a sweet tooth? Ladurée is also a famous macaron brand, and it is surely accessible to more countries.

19. Rum (arranged)

As you will have understood, in France we easily offer a bottle of alcohol (quality of course) for Christmas. If wine is too classic for you, whiskey or rum might also be a good idea. Did you know that France has overseas territories (like Guadeloupe, Martinique or Réunion) that produce rum? Mixed with fruits, plants, syrup... you obtain arranged rum. Delicious!

You will find something for everyone at Charrette, Dillon, Damoiseau or Clément.

Arranged rum


20. A beautiful scented candle

Bienaime is a perfumer, but the brand created a candle that smells delicious in a magnificent Limoges porcelain case. Once the candle is consumed, it continues to decorate your interior.

21. A poster in French

Do you want to recall a beautiful memory lived in France? Or offer a phrase in French to a loved one? A poster might be a good idea. I particularly like this French wine list, but Le Cartel Français and La Rue Française offer also many posters made in France!

22. A Breton bowl

A very cute bowl with the first name of the person to whom you are giving this beautiful hand-painted gift. A classic found in all French kitchens!


23. A novel

My favorite French novels in 2023:

  • Le Pays des Autres (Leïla Slimani)

  • Regardez-nous danser (Leïla Slimani)

  • Veiller sur elle (Jean-Baptiste Andrea)

  • Le Grand Monde (Pierre Lemaître)

  • Le Silence et la Colère (Pierre Lemaître)

  • La Carte Postale (Anne Berest)

  • Les Impatientes (Djaïli Amadou Amal)

  • Petit Pays (Gaël Faye)

  • Des Diables et des Saints (Jean-Baptiste Andrea)

24. A Comic Strip (une bande-dessinée or "BD")

Many comic book characters were born in French-speaking Belgium such as Tintin, The Smurfs ("Les Schtroumpfs"), Gaston Lagaffe, Asterix and Obelix, Lucky Luke, Blake et Mortimer, Spirou... You are spoiled for choice. The opportunity to practice your French while having fun!

25. A graphic novel

I love Marjane Satrapi's graphic novels (the most famous is called Persepolis, which was also adapted into a film). I also took great pleasure in discovering the life of Simone Veil in "Simone Veil, L'immortelle". But there are graphic novels on every subject, for all ages. Discover a selection of the best sellers of 2023 here.

Hope you will love these Christmas gift ideas! I wish you a very happy holiday season ❤️

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